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Monday, February 22, 2010

Will the Apple iPad have the same impact as the iPhone

I love and own Apple products - iPod, iPod touch, iPhone and Mac products. Back in 2007, many people including myself believed that the iPhone was going to be a huge success - and it has been. The iPhone made 'Mobile Apps' real and it has created a paradigm shift in the telecom industry because: a) it has brought mass-market use of mobile email and the mobile internet right to our finger tips; b) it has opened the door for enterprises and individuals to offer enhanced services over the 'telecom network' without approval or collaboration of the telcos; c) it has forced the telcos to the concept of revenue sharing.

Many companies including RIM/blackberry, Palm/Pre and Google/Android have since followed Apple's footsteps in creating smartphones and Mobile Apps.

In spite of strong competitors, Apple has enjoyed huge success fueled by the iPhone, iPod and Mac sales. More people have bought high-priced Mac laptops and desktops because they fell in love with Apple after their experiences with the iPod and the iPhone. Also, the failure of Vista was a huge bonus for Apple in getting more people to switch over.

So how will the iPad do?. Time will tell, but it appears that Apple may have created another winner. I am an investor in Apple stocks, and I wonder if my investment has become less or more exciting?